15 marzo 2010

Tim MacPherson

Fotografo di origini inglesi, Tim MacPherson ha iniziato la sua carriera nel campo dell’editoria, dedicandosi in seguito al mondo della pubblicità. Oggi vanta un notevole curriculum e numerosi premi e riconoscimenti.

Via: Creative photography.

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  1. complimenti! looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Amazing! kids must love you

  3. The little surfer dude is awesome!
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    Continued success!

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  5. it is really good~
    19 April from Asia

  6. Some crazy photos that make you wanan be a kid again!

  7. those are incredible, amazing even

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  9. Very imaginative photographs. What brilliant ideas!

  10. Guess that’s life before photoshop.

  11. girl on the last photo just looks great

  12. can we as a people be this creative to clean up the oil spill; I know we can do!

  13. Awesome! When i was younger I tried a combination of the second and fourth one :)

  14. Skiing one is beast

  15. Very creative! I’m inspired.

  16. I like surfing. And the idea generally. But your wife wanted to kill you after this entertainment, I suppose. :-)))

  17. All of these poor kids look unhappy and possessed.

  18. Motorcycle picture is so cute. I did like motor cycle when I was child.

  19. gotta love a childs imagination. Great photos reminds of me of when i was growing up haha.

  20. Neat but they seem kinda creepy.

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  22. Love the images.
    Great shots all around

    Thanks for sharing,
    Beaut xxxx

  23. I could never play games like this when I was a child, we were too poor to have anything nice.

  24. Wow those images are so crisp… what kind of camera? By the way its all about sheet forts when your younger!!

  25. Wow!!!! What a great imagination! These pictures are awesome!

  26. Those are some really unique and interesting photos. Very nice job!

  27. AWESOME pictures! Great use of imagination

  28. Very imaginative photographs. What brilliant ideas!

  29. That’s what I call creative. Really awesome pictures.

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