3 novembre 2010

Shadi Ghadirian

Nata a Teheran, Iran, Shadi Ghadirian lavora sui preconcetti internazionali del ruolo delle donne all’interno di uno stato islamico. In questa serie di stupende immagini, sostituendo il classico chador nero con tessuti a motivi geometrici e floreali, e usando un oggetto da cucina come maschera, sfida con intelligenza e sottile umorismo lo stereotipo della donna in Medio Oriente.

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  1. Pity, everyone feel they can blame islam, and so is this so called “artist”. Since she is from Iran, I suggest she read some of her own history, how islam released woman from being an “object”, and banned killing new-born baby girls which was the common thing before Islam.

  2. To micke johansson:
    Killing new born baby girls was common in Arabia before Islam, not in ancient Iran, In contrast to mike’s info. You should read more before make statements like that. The artist does not attak islam. These pictures show how a theocracy can cause fanaticism and limit basic human rights. These kind of dress codes has been mandatory in many abusive societies.

  3. Dear Micke,
    These pics are not meant to blame Islam, they show a traditional face of Iranian woman, the way her role is defined by the traditional society. A woman who is a housewife and no one can even see her face, as if she is only in the house to do the house chores, iron, wash, clean, cook. These photos only oppse the way a woman is seen like this, this is why you cannot see their faces. I think the artist wants to say that woman is not a robot, who is invisible and is in the house only to do the chores. To me, as an Iranian woman, these photos make sense and in no way blame Islam. To a non -Iranian, I am not sure!

  4. This is a picture that you have constructed and is far from the real. The Iranian woman has power indeed. There are only small percent of the Iranian women who suffer from being repressed. And you have exploited their broken lives to make yourself famous

  5. There is little to discuss. In Iran, most are highly dedicated to extremely oppressive society. Women are stoned to death regularly, if a woman is raped she is killed, slight scars can make a woman worthless to marry (honor killings are not uncommon whatsoever, even in families transplanted in the US). To address two of the four previous comments (Sara and Parsi), there is nothing more cliche than the other two responses posted (probably by the same Iranian male). Don’t be swayed: they actually do dislike western culture, they do oppress women (regularly, commonly, and by order of scripture) and they will post comments like this on ANY anti-Islamic sentiment posted ANYWHERE. Sorry for the caps, not a conspiracy, but simply the way the West has tried to “accept” other groups….unfortunately the U.S. is like Apple and Iran is like Microsoft, so no, no brushing aside is to be done. Just don’t even bother when someone says oppression towards women doesn’t happen “much” in Iran. They are most likely a male Iranian. From extensive personal experience, I can easily say that I do not respect any person who downplays Iranian phallocentrism; it’s almost a joke to say it’s not prominent there.

  6. @ Micke : I strongly encourage you to change your references, since obviously you misunderstood Iranian civilization.
    @ Pod: Women are stoned to death regularly!!!!! slight scars can make a woman worthless to marry!!!!!!!………..How long did you live in Iran to make a horrible statement like that? I recommend you do some research before you comment something racism like that.

  7. To Pod,
    Have you ever been to Iran or you get your “view” from western media. I am not saying it’s great for Iranian women, but its not as you explained. Stoning is not regular as you said (I am absolutely against it), and as an iranian I have rarely heard of honor killings. Maybe you could give some examples or evidence for your claims. Stick to facts please.
    Having said that, no doubt that the islamic theocracy has affected women way more than men in Iran and in my view both the religion and those who run the country are to blame.

  8. @ Johansson, what you mentioned is Islam’s favor to Arabs, but for Iranian it is just about the pain, frustration, abuse and lag. you need to improve you knowledge in history, and if need more evidence you could come to live in Iran for a while.

  9. @ Johansson
    Islam released women from being an object?!??! Oh, really?! For one thing, I don’t even think you are, by no mean, qualified to discuss social impact of Islam since it advent! Second of all, have you read the garbage written about women in this so called holy book of Quran, that supposedly “released women from being an object”? In particular, have you read Sureh “verse” of Alnessa, promoting beating up an unruly and disobedient woman? Have you read other parts of this un-holy garbage and filth called Quran that orders men to “land” on their wives, and the woman has no say, whatsoever, in this? Are you aware in Islam a man is entitled to 4 wives? What have you been smoking? Someone like you, whom I doubt have ever lived in long-term in a Moslem society, has no qualifications to tell me Islam is tell us, Iranians, Islam is a friend of women! Islam inherently and by nature is the most misogynist way of thinking ever existed.

  10. I am an Iranian woman and I hate the inhumanity of Islam, especially towards women…DOWN WITH ISLAM.

  11. I’m an Iranian woman! I watched the photos! impressive … but my mom who is a housewife and watched them with me, became angry. she thinks that every shows by this symbols are a bad word on their face.she asked me” is this all the thing they know about us and see in Iranian women” I understand my mother and I like these photos either. they believe this from of life as a rule. they born with this believes and die with. I feel it has became an archetype! they don’t want, to want more! some of them are even happy but there are some rare women who wants their right .

    thank you for these photos. what a wonderful view! showing some poor women of our big society . in some how a minimal way ! perfect . but pay attention to these sentences too;

    these photos show just a group of all the women of my country . this uniform is not the symbol of weak women with not educated mind! this type pf clothes ( HIJAB) dose not mean they have no strong ideology or culture or even independence . most of the time you see this form of clothes and working hard women like a slave in non educated and poor or so fanatic families. but think to he other women too! like my mom she wears like this but she is so educated and independent but she had chosen this form by herself! what about them?

  12. i read the comments… I’m feeling dizzy! wow … after 1400 years of Islam birth and after a lots of events happened … I can not say a word about such topics and be sure of the right or wrong
    Islam is a religion just like the others you can find bugs in other one too!
    I agree that women rights is neglected most of the tie in Islamic countries…
    a religious person usually speaks by heart not mind! we must respect to each other . do not tell each other to search in a new way… if you are against each other show your references . try to improve your knowledge
    one of the important things I have learned from one the most famous man in Islam history is this :
    a muslem must be like water
    a Muslim must be flexible like a wax!
    I am happy of being a Muslim woman and I try to learn more about my believes I try hard to choose them by myself
    and if i feel that something is wrong I try to understand and if my mind says it wrong i see it as a trash!
    I read about other religion too
    and take the good parts of them.
    I repeat my word again, every religion hast it’s own bugs and nothing is complete in real form
    stoning is a horrible law … but do you know the real rules?
    the rules had put some way to run
    it is not the fault of the religion it is human faults…
    just think about this big world from upper view
    all the humans are together on earth
    if we go more far… the earth can be seen just like a point
    we must be kind to each other
    maybe we are alone in all the universe
    you can hear the silence in the space
    do not fight with each other … be kind and world would come a better place
    love you all!

  13. To Aban and….
    Why dont you break free from all religion and its chans and bars. I think because you are all afraid. Afraid to losing kontrol your life, you are all stil in prison of your mind. Free your self from all. Instead use wisdom and conscience as a light for the darkness your life.

  14. WOW !!! I read all of the comments, I saw many views/opinions But one thing i did not see : A POINT !!!!
    What is wrong with all of you, Discussing religion is a big mistake because a religion is an idea NOT A LAW, just an idea of life style, a guide line witch cannot be discussed between people with different views of life. For instance “Koorosh From Iran” is extremely offended by THE IDEA of Quran, it ‘of course’ is not his fault because Islam was injected to his brain by our regime (From the very first time of school to Last day of collage), it has became a curse to him just like eating ONLY your favorite food for 20 years, it becomes your nightmare, the exact same thing that happened to Koorosh and most of us. but “Micke Johansson” who is as I’m guessing not a Moslem is actually defending the idea.
    We are all human with the same psychological basis. Our favorite food is favorite as long as we are away form it. there is nothing wrong with the idea of Islam the problem is our government who is brain washing us with all this “educational” Crap entitled as “ISLAM”, We have to open our eyes this is not the real Islam we see in Iran because “ISLAM’ has became an invisibility clock for our government’s corruption, the same old story witch is not what I’m focusing on. We all have to know that slam is far more greater than what we see of hear; We hear a lot of beautiful quotes form people who doesn’t believe in them, we see a lot of generous action with an Evil goal, BUT WE NEVER EVER STUDY ISLAM OURSELVES. we always wait for some one to teach us something -the greatest mistake of human kind- we have to find the purpose of our life ourselves, we shouldn’t wait for some one to guide us, the guide line has been written, please wake up people, throw all this religion related crap away and start following your dream. A POINT made by a 17-year-old what a shame !!!

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